Google’s Digital News Initiative gives out €24M to 124 projects across Europe (and none in Turkey)

On company website : DNI is described as: ‘a collaboration between Google and news publishers in Europe to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation’

Of course it’s an initiative to be applauded. But one wonders why developing countries where the free media is more crucial is not well thought of as well.

Following video explains DNI a bit more:

And the following infographic shows where the money is being distributed:


Spend it wisely 😉

Our prayers are answered folks: Coca Cola developed a selfie bottle !!!

Coca-Cola Israel has developed a bottle that takes photos when it’s tilted 70 degrees and you can transfer photos through its USB port.

Of course its work of an agency (who’s on coke*) that could not come up with another useless idea. (Crazier the idea, more money agency suck out of brand) But considering popularity of selfies are waaaaaay beyond things like internet of things, AR, VR or 3D, Coke could definitely come up with a bottle that talk to people or navigate them on street etc. :S

Anyway, thank Coke 😉

Youtube & Stream

YouTube is getting ready to announce a new service called Unplugged that would bundle different cable networks and stream different programs directly from its main site for people willing to subscribe to the service, sources close to the project told Bloomberg. Unplugged is one of the company’s top priorities, according to the report, and YouTube is looking to launch the service as early as 2017.

The goal is to increase viewing time for people already on the site and increase the company’s non-advertising related revenue. Executives at Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company, have already begun to talk to NBCUniversal, Fox, CBS and others about securing rights to various television series and sporting events. YouTube launched its first subscription streaming service, Red, at the end of October last year. Users could choose which channels they subscribed to for $5.99 a month. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the path YouTube executives are most interested in exploring is a form of skinny bundling that would pick channels from the four different networks to offer as a bundle and then choose other popular channels to offer as stand-alone options. Other companies like Apple and Amazon were rumored to be considering similar live TV streaming deals like this in the past, and based on this report, looks like they may push ahead with it. YouTube has yet to confirm whether or not they are in the negotiation stages with other companies to secure the rights to live TV programming, but Polygon has reached out for comment.